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www.icloud.com moved over to new style

In preperation for the new iOS7 look, iCloud has moved over to the new look previously available on beta.icloud.com. In the UK the new iOS7 is said to be available from 6pm – or when the servers are under less … Continue reading

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Debranding the Nokia E71

I have a Nokia E71 on Three; I had come to the end of my contract and wanted a contract that included Unlimited Internet. I had thought about the iPhone, but the £35 a month for 18 months and £96.89 … Continue reading

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New mobile

As I’ve been approaching the end of my current mobile contract I was toying with the idea of moving over to the iPhone on O2. I have an ipod touch and was impressed with the touch screen, the speed of … Continue reading

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Apple removes $1,000 featureless iPhone application | Technology | Los Angeles Times

After Apple released the iPhone at a more affordable price, it lost some of its status symbol it had when it was only affordable by the better off. A German deveper created a unique application to replace this status by … Continue reading

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