Regex Pain

Since Regular Expressions give me headache, I’m writing this so that I remember what the hell things are.

^ = Start of line

$ = End of line

\s = space

\S = non space

| = or

* = 0 or more eg \s* = 0 or more spaces

+ = 1 or more eg \s+ = 1 or more spaces

. = anything eg .* = 0 or more anything

If you want to match something and give it a name is (?<name>…) where … is the regular expression

eg:Action: (?<action>\S+(\s\S+)*)\s+(User: (?<user>.*),.*)*\.\\(?<file>.+)





One Response to Regex Pain

  1. Ben says:

    Hey John,

    Check out RegexCoach at I find it handy for checking Regex in real-time. Also you might want to print off a copy of again very useful to have on standby, as are the other cheat sheets up there.

    Hope they help 🙂

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