www.icloud.com moved over to new style

In preperation for the new iOS7 look, iCloud has moved over to the new look previously available on beta.icloud.com. In the UK the new iOS7 is said to be available from 6pm – or when the servers are under less load if we take the jump to iOS 6 as an example. I’m looking forward to updating my iPhone 4s and having a fresh look.

Releases have been done at 1pm EDT, which is 6pm GMT

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Is iCloud.com becoming a more unstable the closer we get to September 10th? For a few days now I have issues trying to log on to iCloud.com to read my mail. I check the status page and everything says everything is fine. I’m hoping after next Tue everything goes back to normal.

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Where Nokia Went Wrong : The New Yorker

Where Nokia Went Wrong : The New Yorker.

It’s a pity really, I always had and loved Nokia phones before Smartphones appeared. Nokia really missed the boat on that. Had Nokia made an Android handset I’m sure they would be bigger than what Samsung is now.
It’ll be interesting to see how the new Nokia+Microsoft phones evolve, fingers crossed for both that this new arrangement works!

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Windows 8

Today I have learned that I need to upgrade my work machine to Windows 8. This will be fun, every time I change a version of Windows, there’s a learning curve trying to find where all the Administrator/Control Panel menu items have moved to!

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Moving on

Another year and another job. I have moved back into the world of contracting and returned to Microsoft – this time as a SDET II!  I’m looking forward to the new challenges and having my evenings back to spend time with family.

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A bit late to mention but I’m doing my bit for Movember! My page is here http://mobro.co/jlwarlow

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Having fun with debugging in EVC3

Only 2 views and no answers to my query http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10916756/analysing-kdmp-files-in-ce-watson-dump-viewer

I bet not many people use EVC3 any more!

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