HTC Desire – 13 months on

I’ve now had my HTC Desire for over a year and have finally opted for rooting it and installed CyanogenMod. In a previous post I mentioned that HTC were releasing 2.3 after the backlash they had over a previous announcement saying they weren’t going to update. This did improve things a little but the main area that it did little to address was the lack of memory on the phone.

Using CyanogenMod along with an app called S2E, I’ve partitioned my SD card and set my applications to install into this partition. The phone and apps think I have plenty or space now! Just checking no, I have 16 apps – none thinking they’re on the SD card and have over 69Mb free! I’ve not once seen the low storage warning on my phone. I’ve also removed App2SD as it is no longer required!

Rooting isn’t for the feint hearted though, it will void your warranty and could brick your phone: I’d tried a different OS to see if it was better than Cyanogen, decided it wasn’t and tried restoring the backup which threw warnings and had me panicking for a while!

Only 4 more months till I can upgrade!

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