iPhone 4

Since the launch of iPhone 4 and the announcement from Three that they will be releasing the phone on their network I’ve been waiting for Three to announce the upgrade plan. I even phoned Three to ask when I can upgrade. Originaly I was told July, but I guess the operator in India wasn’t used to British date format being dd/mm/yy and gave me the wrong month 😦 The earliest I can now upgrade is October.

Fortunately I’ve had to wait and given the problems reported with the iPhone 4 I’m glad.

I’ve read today that there is a press conference on Fri at 6pm (BST) but there’s no report on what will be said. It’ll be interesting; Apple can’t talk around the issue of the death grip as they have done before – and the antenna issue will probably need more than a software “fix”.

Edit: Here’s a link to Apple’s response to the death grip. The fix is out in the 4.1 update beta and not surprisingly, it hasn’t fixed the antenna issue.

Just read that an Apple engineer reported the issue last year, oh dear, the plot get’s worse. This is Apple’s Vista 😦

There’s now a report that there’s an internal fix for the iPhone. I’ll be impressed if this is true and works; it’ll mean the outward design doesn’t change (which is good news for such a great design).
There appears to be some truth behind this report, ship times have slipped 3 weeks!
Hopefully the press release tomorrow will give more detail.

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