2009 was quite an eventful year:

It started off after a bang, which resulted in my car being declared a write off and I had to find a replacement.

Caroline and I were getting used to the idea of being pregnant with all the preparation we had to make for the baby’s arrival.

Rare put me at risk of redundancy, and then Caroline found she had to apply for her own job.

I was made redundant, fortunately Caroline got a new post in her company. Fortunately I found a new job during my gardening leave, but for 15% less than I was earning before.

My car’s windscreen was cracked while driving, which resulted in 5 replacements over several months as all the generic screens Autoglass fitted were faulty and then the genuine Ford one developed a fault in the quick clear screen. Between the Vectra write off and Ford windscreens, my car troubles were becoming a joke between friends.

Later scans showed that our baby wasn’t growing as quick as he should and we were then booked in for a c-section at 37 weeks! The birth, thankfully, went OK – Thomas was 4lb 7oz though and needed a lot of TLC.

Thomas at first appeared to be gaining weight quite healthily but then developed bad skin and was throwing up quite a bit. After he was shown to be losing weight a trip to Ward 28 was in order. Thankfully with Caroline’s persistence against the Drs we found Thomas was lactose intolerant, he’s now putting on weight again and is much happier in himself.

At the end of the year we had our first family holiday at Center Parcs where we had all the Christmas decorations and snow! Thomas loved swimming and we all enjoyed the break. On getting back home though I found that my company had made me redundant in my absence, literally emailing my work account  on my 1st day of holiday and sending a letter + P45 in the post to great me when we got back. Merry Christmas.

It’s now 2010, there appears to be opportunities on the horizon but nothing is for sure. I have 7 days left at work and I’m looking forward to spending time at home with the family. Being off for Christmas with Thomas and Caroline was great.

Happy new year!

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One Response to 2009

  1. stymaster says:

    Bit of a mixed year then. Sorry to hear about the bad bits. Good luck finding something.

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