BBC Good Food show

On Sat me, Caroline and Thomas headed out to the NEC for the food show. The weather wasn’t the best, we just hoped we could park undercover like last time.

We got to the NEC before the show opened and had to go through the ticked styles at the door, a much better system than checking tickets at the hall entrance.

The first few hours we wandered around checking out the numerous sausage stalls trying out the different flavour. I didn’t sign up with The Supreme Sausage Club this year, instead we bought 4 packs of sausages from Debbie & Andrew. Caroline and I just found their taste to be the best this year.

Around 10:30 we had to take a break to feed Thomas. We found a few seats near the Master Chef Invention stand where Andy Peter’s was hosting the live cook off. We also saw Gregg and John on the stand, I’d seen Gregg walking around the show earlier – he looks taller on TV!

After Thomas was fed, I carried him around in his BabyBjorn carried, he loved it. Every woman working on the stands fell in love with him and came over to talk and play with his hands/feet. Caroline told me I should have brought Thomas on my own – but to be honest they were only had eyes for him. We did manage to put one women off having any kids of her own when we mentioned my sister’s son was 11lb 9oz at birth!

We left the show with quite a few goodies; I’m looking forward to having the sausages! The only problem we have now is we need a larger freezer for all the food!

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