Holiday – day 2

Day two we headed to Twycross zoo. While I working at Rare I would sometimes hear the monkeys in the morning which was impressive considering the zoo is three miles away from Rare’s offices!

The zoo is famous for its monkey enclosures, so we headed there to take a look. I guess the monkeys were feeling the heat as much as we were; they weren’t very active:

Sleepy monkey

At least this drowsy monkey was taking advantage of the weather:


When viewing the small monkey house, this inquisitive fellow came up to the window and took great interest in my camera – maybe he was looking at his reflection


This guy was just plain unhappy to see anyone


This guy was just happy sitting there contemplating life

Deep thought

I couldn’t visit a zoo without taking a look at my favourite animals, the meercats:

On guard

The zoo was also host to several school’s, so we decided to eat at Dobbies world where we bought some burgers from the farmers market next door. We ended the day with a BBQ and somehow C found my camera:


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