Holiday – day 1

Day one was an hours drive up to Chatsworth House. I’ve been there before but the house was closed so I could only view the grounds. The house is very grand, huge high ceiling rooms. During WWII the house was used as a girls dormitory – C’s Gran stayed in the Duchess’s room!

After the house tour we ventured into the grounds, we were greeted early one by one huge feathery chicken:


I think he was only after food, but I didn’t hang around!

We then headed off through a “sensory garden”, God only knows why they were growing the biggest weed I’ve ever seen (it was taller than me!):


I guess that one was there for “touch” 🙂

At least there was something nice for “sight”


We stopped for a sit down by the waterfall steps…


…then ended the day having lunch at the café before heading to the farmers market for some steak for tea.

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One Response to Holiday – day 1

  1. Matt says:

    The breakfasts (and the views) are something else at the Farm Shop. Definitely worth a trip up on a Sunday morning.

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