New mobile

As I’ve been approaching the end of my current mobile contract I was toying with the idea of moving over to the iPhone on O2. I have an ipod touch and was impressed with the touch screen, the speed of the device and the apps that you can get. The main one’s I used were Quordy (a word puzzle game), Facebook and twitterific. I had found that the apps for my N96 8Gb weren’t that good, so was happy to change over to the iPhone; as an added bonus I would then be able to sync all my music onto the phone too! (Music on the N95 8Gb wasn’t too good either – find the iTunes app hard to beat).
I then started looking into the costs: For £35pm I get 75mins 200txts and unlimited Internet. Not bad. Currently I spend £30pm for 300mins/txts and no Internet. I was all ready for changing at the end of the month, then the wife brought a leaflet home from Three.
Flicking through I found the Nokia E71. I’m a big fan of Nokia’s having many over the past decade. It didn’t have touch screen, but for £20 I got unlimited txt’s, unlimited 3 to 3 phone calls, unlimited skype, unlimited Internet and 300 mins cross network. Now that put a spanner in the works. It’s a better deal than the iPhone.

Apple touts its OS as “The most advanced mobile OS”, now I’m not sure what criteria they use, but not being able to switch between running apps is a pretty basic OS feature, even Windows 3.1 could do that! The lack of MMS, cut & paste and multi tasting put me off the iPhone quite a lot, and the fact that the E71 was such a good deal made me upgrade, especially since with Three, you can upgrade in the last 3 months of an 18 month contract!

I’ve now sent my old phone off to a recycle company and should get £140 for it! I had planned on selling it on eBay but why I chose not to is another post.

I have to wait till next month before the unlimited Internet kicks in, then I can setup fring, email and SIP phone to work over GRPS instead of Wifi, w00t!

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2 Responses to New mobile

  1. Jon Pither says:

    I’m holding out for the iphone 3. Lucky you didn’t buy the iphone 2…

    • John says:

      I’ve been reading about the iPhone 3. It’s supposed to have MMS and cut&paste. There’s some sort of event system to counter having only one app running at one time; it could be a cludge, we’ll have to see how it works. If the v3 is cheap enough after my 18 months with the E71, I may be swayed, we’ll see!

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