Interesting times

Interesting past times…

It has been an interesting couple of months recently: at the start of the year Rare announced that it was going to reduce head-count. After a few months of stress and sleepless nights I was put on the “at risk” list. Fortunately during the two weeks gardening leave I managed to find a new job. At the same time C was also told she was at risk of redundancy as two jobs were merging into one. Not the best news when C was 4 months pregnant. We always knew we’d be OK if C finished work, but not if I was redundant! C also managed to get another job – longer hours making her more tired but it’s a job she likes doing.

I started on the same day as another guy had joined my new company, he too had been made redundant; I don’t think there’s a person around who doesn’t know someone who’s been made redundant. I had thought I was safe working for Microsoft who had made more money at the start of this year than the start of last year, obviously I was wrong.

It’s been interesting work so far. We’ve moved out of the rented house into the boss’s dining room while the purchase of the new office goes through, so not only am I C# developer I double up as a removal guy and electrician (when we had a power cut). It’ll be nice in the new building, at least we’ll be able to keep our shoes on!

…Interesting times to come

C has only 8 weeks till she goes on maternity leave. The baby is kicking more and more: so far he’s kicked me in the but and ear! The nursery is nearly done, I’m building the changing unit tomorrow and then there’s only the wardrobe to build.

August is fast approaching, then what’s happened in the last few months will pale into insignificance, we’ll be way too busy with peanut 🙂

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