Another Scan


Another scan, peanut is getting bigger and measures 10cm! Scan puts him/her at 10+4 15+4 which is consistent with the due date. C says she can feel the baby move, but it’s early days for me to feel anything. I’m looking foward to feeling the baby kick for the first time!

C also says I need to talk to the baby, God only knows what I’m supposed to say!

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2 Responses to Another Scan

  1. Matt Housley says:

    Personally, I always enjoyed listening to the heart beat through a bog roll… Happy Days!

  2. John says:

    I’ve been putting my ear to Caroline’s belly but haven’t heard anything (other than gurgles from her intestines). When did you start hearing your baby’s heart beat? Our baby is 15+4 so may be too small just yet.

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