My Dad came down to visit at weekend and initally me and C were a little worried as to what activities we could do as the weather report from the BBC said heavy rain on Saturday and heavy rain with thunderstorms on Sunday; not the best forcast for going out and about. Fortunately, as is frequent these days, the BBC’s weather forecast was way off and we had two hot sunny days.

On Saturday we headed off to Dobbies world garden centre to look around and to get some lawn weed and feed as our bawn needs TLC. On route we stopped at the allotment at work to pick another few courgettes and peas and to show Dad the allotment. He was quite impressed with work and the allotment. We ate out and spent the rest of the day lazing at home, it was too hot to walk around too many places. In the evening we had a BBQ, once it was a little cooler, and played cards. Good food and good company.

On Sunday we had headed out to Bosworth Water, I figured on a hot day being near water will mean it would be a little cooler. It was still baking, but the gently stroll around the lake was enjoyable. I took my camera and managed to catch a few dragonfly’s darting around. The first was easy to catch as it was stationary:


The second was a little difficult to catch as it was very active and flying around all over the place, I set my camera on AI Servo and tried to keep up. The camera did its job and caught this large dragonfly on the wing:


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