Today we had Sky+ fitted at home. We’ve been with NTLVirgin Media for over two years now but their on demand/box/TV guide is just too flaky and we’re always having trouble with it. The current issue is the Date+Time on the box thinks it’s Monday 6:05pm, so when we try and change channel, it tries instead to set a reminder as the TV guide is actually correct.

I’ve not had chance to setup the favourites or anything and I’ll have to enable remote record so I can check the TV guide at lunch and set the box to record things I’ve been unable to watch since not being single.

Looking forward to live record too – a friend says they pause the box when they’re about to watch their favourite program and goes away for 15 mintues making coffee. That way when they get back they can watch the programme in catch up and fast forward over the breaks! Excellent idea.

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2 Responses to Sky+

  1. DogBoy says:

    My sister has Sky+ and it is impressive.
    I don’t watch much TV, but if I did I’d get it :]

  2. rob says:

    We have sky and a v cool Hard disc recorder, so the equivalent of sky+. It really is useful.

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