Referrer logs

Each week, my ISP emails me stats regarding my server. I usually take a look just to make sure nothing weird is happening which may indicate my site has been hacked.

While looking at the referral logs, I spotted that someone had searched for “blogs on people who cant move on” very odd!

The other referrals point to the general topics I’ve written about.

Other search queries last week:

world of warlow
experian nottingham redundancies
virgin media pace box error codes
zeda liquidation
6680 ram software
t189 results

world of warlow fertilizer
error ld:20 on ntl box
blogs on people who cant move on
ofcom pac code
virgin media ld 20 problem
orange unfortunately there has been a problem with your request
20 days to get orange pac code
virgin media ld:20
pac codes orange
orange pac code delay wait
virgin media codes
virgin media box dead
n95 msn messenger free
why dont orange stock n95 8gb
n95 upgrade orange
virgin media box ld:20
ofcom pac times

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3 Responses to Referrer logs

  1. JossA says:

    Aaa world of warlow fertiliser – whoever it was obviously meant to avoid using the more common s**t term.

  2. John says:

    “Fertiliser from the mind of Warlow” could be a good blog heading šŸ™‚

  3. DogBoy says:

    Hehe, I went at looked at mine after reading this :]

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