Job #6

A few weeks ago I started a new job at Microsoft. I’d been at my previous company for 15 months but after the redundancies, a sister company going into liquidation and a large amount of people resigning I felt that my position was very insecure. I had been looking around and when an advert appeared for a company that a colleague I’d worked with appeared. I hadn’t worked in the games industry before, but I liked what I saw on the website, and my colleague said he was loving it there so I sent my CV in on the off chance they’d ask me for an interview. They did, and they offered me a job which I accepted.

I’m now a C#/.NET Application Developer for Microsoft at Rare!

I’m currently in my 3rd week there and it’s great. I’m using a beast of a machine (3Ghz Dual core Intel with 4Gb RAM, just under 1/2 Tb HD space!) I’m using Vista Enterprise 64bit and working in Visual Studio 2008! It’s a massive change from using .NET 1.1 on XP with no chance of using the latest technology, even though .NET 2 had so many advantages that would have benefited the projects and in turn the company.

The team at my last company were a great bunch. Fortunately, everyone I’ve met here so far a friendly too – I’ve worked at a few places where there was at least one I didn’t get on with. So far, that’s not happened here. The building is nice, the facilities are excellent! There’s a kettle in the kitchen and a microwave in the dining room (my previous firm charged 5p for a cup of hot water). This company really does invest in its staff, which makes me wonder how on earth my previous company got the “Investors in People” award, I was 3 months overdue for my appraisal when I left!

I’m learning lots about .NET 2, Vista, Microsoft and the Games industry; I think I’ll enjoy it here!

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7 Responses to Job #6

  1. KazR says:

    Git 🙂

  2. JossA says:

    Cake loving git that is

  3. KazR says:

    Well I think .net 3, visual studio 2008 and Vista are for girls. We currently use Windows 2.0, .net 0.1 and Visual Studio 1934 and our productivity is amazing!!! So much for the cutting edge – suckers!

  4. JossA says:

    Kaz says use but actually means plays with himself whilst looking at so the level of technology is irrelevant

  5. Grandad says:

    Reading that has really pissed me off. Stone Age man had better tools than we have. Squeeze that balloon.

  6. DoGGa says:

    Check you!!! Well done sir :]

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