Nokia N95 8Gb

On Sat I finally received my PAC from Orange! Me and C were heading up T’North for our nephew’s birthday we planned to stop at meadow hall to get some photo’s printed, look at some photo frames, grab a coffee at Starbuck’s and get an N95 8Gb!

We arrived at Meadow Hall around 11am, but for some reason it was only 1/2 full, very strange for a Saturday. Looked in at boots but their photo prices looked high so we headed for Jessops which were a little cheaper. While we were using the touch screen in Jessops an assistant came over and asked if we needed help. We said no, the screen had prompts showing us what we needed to do; did he leave, did he buggery – he proceeded to tell us what to do even though we had told him we didn’t need help!

Once we had paid for the photo’s to be developed we headed off to Three to get my Nokia. It only took 10 minutes or so to go through the paper work and I had my phone! We then headed to starbucks for a coffee while we waited for the photo’s to be printed. C forbid me to play with the Mobile though 😦 but since we were eating I didn’t want to get my sticky fingers all over the new screen so I wasn’t too bothered.

Once we arrived in Hudds I was able to power up the phone and see what it could do. My first impressions were good. It feels a lot more solid than my old Nokia 6680, I had been worried that the slider mechanism would feel cheap and wobbly, but it has a sturdy feel to it. The processor in the phone must be better as it’s much more responsive than the 6680 too.

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2 Responses to Nokia N95 8Gb

  1. Stu says:

    Heh… I noticed the “signed in on a mobile device” on MSN – figured you must have got the phone 🙂

  2. John says:

    Three let you send ~300 messages a day though MSN Messenger for free, which is good as they just blocked messenger at work!

    I can also use Skype for free, although for some reason Skype wont work via WiFi connection which would be good when at home where the mobile signal isn’t too good.

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