Orange must like me; I phoned to get my PAC code so I can move my
number elsewhere and when they asked why I told them it’s because I
want the N95 8Gb which Orange don’t stock. Orange then asked if they
did the original N95 with an an 8Gb memory stick, would I stay. I said
no. They then said they would do the original N95 with 8Gb, a better
deal than O2 (I hadn’t said I was going to O2) and a spare battery. I
still wasn’t interested, O2 only do the N95 8Gb for free on their

[updated – for some reason WordPress failed to publish the whole email]

still wasn’t interested, O2 only do the N95 8Gb for free on their £45
a month contract, I don’t want to spend that for a free mobile. Guess
Orange make enough money out of me to want me to stay. I’m still
switching though, the bigger screen and black surround as well as the
better placed GPS, larger RAM for software etc mean I don’t want the
original N95 🙂
I just have to wait for the PAC to be generated in 48 hours (by mice?)
then the up to 5 days post by royal mail to get the code. Talk about
deliberately delaying things. I did ask for the code by SMS, but
Orange said this was illegal due to Ofcom rules, I hadn’t read the
Ofcom rules to counter argue even though people say other operators
provide the SMS and follow up by letter – providing the PAC by letter
is what Ofcom stipulate, so people say anyway.

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13 Responses to Orange

  1. John says:

    I’ve just read a pdf from ofcom that contradicts what the guy from Orange said, which isn’t surprising. The Donor Service Provider can provide the PAC over the phone if notice is given by phone. Notice can also be given by fax, email or letter. In all cases, the PAC must be dispatched by post within two days. So, Orange can provide the PAC by phone, they’ve just chosen not to any more. Saying the practice is illegal is a little harsh though.

  2. John says:

    Even better; I’ve found Here that Orange should follow the following:
    “Your current Service Provider must give you
    a PAC or a reason why it cannot be issued
    within 2 working days of your request.”
    So, if I don’t have it by Friday that’s another phone call to Orange and when they spout ofcom at me, I can retort!

  3. MattH says:

    LOL… N95 + 8GB Micro SD != N95 8GB…. oh dear… They are soooo $HI73…
    Good ridence I say!

  4. MattH says:

    BTW the end of your post is…

  5. John says:

    Odd, I’ll have to update that.

  6. John says:

    Just checked my sent items, it definitely sent OK; maybe there is a limit to how big an email it can process 😦

  7. DoGGa says:

    I’m currently waitig on a PAC code and Vodafone told me it would be 30 days!!! WTF :[]

  8. John says:

    According to this they should give you your PAC or a reason why you can’t have it within 2 days. There’s bugger all reason technically to delay for 30 days 😦 I guess they’re just hanging on to your cash!

  9. James Allen says:

    Hi John,

    Very interesting read and I’m just about the do the same thing.. Off to Three to get the lovely N95 Black as Orange seem to have made no moves to stock it.. Shame they don’t really as I imagine they would offer me a pretty good deal to stay..

    Anyway, I was just wondering about this PAC code thing.. You still have to give 30 days notice right? So you will take the PAC code into the new providers shop, get your new contract but still have to pay the remaining line rental on your Orange account?

    I keep delaying sorting this (stupidly I know) due to not being 100% sure how to approach getting the PAC code and setting up a new account with Three.

    Was thinking requesting my PAC code, then waiting until a week before my cancellation date (30 days from the date I cancel I assume) and then ordering my Three account.. Then calling them to hand over the code..

    Am I missing anything here?


  10. John says:

    Hi James, here’s my take on how to transfer your number:

    You need to contact Orange and ask for your PAC, Orange will post the PAC to you within 5 working days.

    Asking for the PAC gives orange 30 days notice. However, if you do not use the PAC within 30 days. The PAC becomes invalid and you will remain on the Orange contract, i.e. the contract isn’t cancelled; you’ll still get billed. You will then have to ask for another PAC and start another 30 days notice period.

    If you ask for your PAC over the phone Orange will say this is illegal due to Ofcom rules; this isn’t true. Ofcom here say that the donor service provider can give you your PAC over the phone in the same call that you make when asking for the PAC. The only requirement is that they follow up by posting the PAC to you. If you don’t get your PAC within 5 days ring Orange back, my wife did and got the PAC by SMS on the same day.

    It can take a while to transfer; I got my phone from Three on the 9th Feb and phoned with my PAC on the 10th. I was told that the number would port on the 18th, which it did. If you leave it too late, such as within a few days of the 30 day notice, the PAC may become invalid – I’m not 100% sure on this though, Three may contact Orange on the day you ring and use the PAC stopping it from expiring after the 30 days, but I don’t know.

    Once your number is transferred Orange will still bill you from this point until the 30th day, I think this is itemised separately on your bill.

    The pdf from the Ofcom site explains things more, it may be worth reading before phoning Orange so that if they start spouting its illegal, you can refer them to Ofcom’s own documentation 😉

    I have been an Orange customer for 5+ years on an off. Unfortunately, they’re always behind with certain handsets and they’re no longer competitive with their tariffs any more. Maybe they’ll improve in the future, who knows.

    I hope that helped James!

  11. James Allen says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you so much for your help on this – very much appreciated. That makes it very clear.. I think I’m going to look at getting this sorted with some breathing room before the end of the 30 day notice period – just to be sure. It would not surprise me one bit if the PAC code became invalid and Orange extended the contract.. Sounds exactly like something they would do.

    By the sounds of it, the 5 day wait shouldn’t be too bad as the 30 days is from the point of asking for it right? I won’t setup my three account straight away as to avoid paying for two contracts for as long as I can – without risking the PAC becoming invalid of course.

    Think I’ll give them a call tomorrow then.. Fully prepared for the whole retension team onslaught though.. 😉

    Are you enjoying your N95 John? I can’t wait to get my hands on it.. My GF has just got a N82 which is pretty nice.. Lots of options for installing s/w on it.. I put ScummVM on for her – introducing her to the wonderful world of Lucasarts graphic adventure games.. 🙂


  12. John says:

    The N95 8Gb is excellent! Being able to use the WiFi on the phone to quickly check my email/rss reader at home instead of using the laptop is a godsend.

    It has crashed a few times, and the v15 may fix a few issues (Three is still behind on v11).

    There is an N96 out; it’s more curvy than the N95 and I’ve not done a comparison but I was happy getting the N95 8Gb. I didn’t get on with the headphones that come with the phone; they fell out of my ears all the time 😦 Instead I bought some Creative Labs EP-630/A Earphones from Amazon as the Nokia accepts standard headphones (about time!). These are excellent. They’re my first ear-plug (sound cancelling style) headphones and I’m very impressed. I did have some headphones from my iPod, but I didn’t want to have to keep swapping from iPod and Nokia. To be honest, I’ve not used the iPod since I got the Nokia, 8Gb is 4x the capacity of my Nano and I’ve not been able to fill it yet!

    I’ll have to look at ScummVM, I played a few Lucasarts in the past!

  13. James Allen says:

    I read on some of the forums that you can put the latest firmware on the N95 and then manually install various apps to retain the Three features.. Though if I recall I think a few of them won’t work after the upgrade.. Worth investigating though. I hate that feeling of not having the latest s/w.. Things like improving the GPS lock on speed would be very useful..

    They always bring out a new model just as you get the other one don’t they.. 😉 N95 Black for me I think..

    Always best to upgrade to decent headphones.. Ear plug phones are incredible aren’t they! I had some Shure’s which have ear plug type foam on them… The first time I used them was crazy – they blocked out the traffic on a busy road.. Great for plane travel etc.
    I’ll check out the Creative Lab ones.. The only problem with the Shures is the foam type plugs go nasty very quickly and all the other types are awful for my ears.

    Defo get ScummVM – it’s fantastic to play those awesome Lucasarts games on the move.. It supports all the games – even the talkie ones. Monkey Island 3 looks lovely. I’m going to play Full Throttle on my Nokia N770 as I missed out on that one when it came out.

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