Virgin Media Update

In my earlier post about the problems I’m having with Virgin Media I can now report the TV is back up and working! Virgin told me that the engineer would be at the house between 12 and 4, he turned up at around 2:30. He disconnected the box and checked the cable with his meter and found there was nothing wrong with our cabling, which was good. He then tried to get into the engineer menu on the Samsung box, but couldn’t. He declared the box “dead”. He told us that he had three spare Pace boxes but no Samsung ones, I didn’t care as long as he got the TV working! The first Pace box he brought from the van was also promptly declared “Dead”, the second however allowed him into the engineer menu and after 5 mins or so downloading/initialising, the box worked! Woohoo!

Let’s see how long the pace one lasts!

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