Virgin Media

For the last few days our ex NTL box has been cycling through “1210”, “Ld:04”, “Ld:10”, “Ld:20”, “Ld:30” and “Ld:40”. What it has failed to do is display a bloody picture! When I phone their Bangalore call centre I was told there wasn’t an issue in the area and I had to have an engineer out on either Tue Morning or Tue afternoon. Great. No evening call out (unless the Engineer turns up after 6, which he could as the afternoon counts at 12:00 till 8:00pm). I was also told the Ld codes are error codes when infact I’ve read that they’re loading numbers and only when the box freezes on one of those is there an error.

The Virgin Media service is getting worse week on week; I’m very tempted to join the masses and switch to Sky.

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