Orange Mobile

Over 15 months ago I signed up for an 18month contract with Orange and got a Samsung D830. At the time I was very pleased with the phone, but now I’m beginning to wish I’d stayed with Nokia. Over the last 8 or 9 years I’ve had several Nokia’s, all of which I have been pleased with. A Motorolla, which I hated. Another Motorolla, which didn’t make it past 14 days and was returned for a Nokia and the Samsung, which is better than the Motorolla’s but not as good as the Nokia’s. I’m now wanting to upgrate and have my eye on the Nokia N95. It has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS; all of which I would find very useful. I looked on Orange and found that I could upgrade in the last three months of my contract, so I phoned Orange. I was told the upgrade fee would be Ā£25. Not too bad I thought. I then asked how much the N95 would cost. Ā£299.99! Ouch! I suggested I waited 3 months, cancelled my existing contract and start a new contract with a free N95, the woman on the phone agreed. So plan B, wait till Feb when I have one month left on my contract and ask for the PAC. I then get two options, Orange will want me to stay and sign me up for an 18 month contract there and then with free N95, or they let me leave and I get an N95 with another provider.

So the search begins; 12 month contract or 18? N95 8Gb on Vodafone or standard N95 on Orange, T-Mobile or 3? The other main question is can I get a signal on the other networks where I live? Orange at the moment is very poor on our road, the signal gets a little better in the kitchen or upstairs, but is pretty poor in the living room. Decisions, decisions. At least I have more than a month to look things up. By then the N95 will be cheaper. Or there’ll be a better model than the N95 that I must have šŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to Orange Mobile

  1. MattH says:

    There’s more to think about than that!
    Don’t forget that certain operators bastardise the phones. So a N95 won’t do half the things it can do on Oranage compared to what it can on T-Mobile (who don’t do anything to the firmware – other than make you wait an extra month before you can install it!).

    BTW – I’ve become dishartend by my N95. It does lots, yes – but it does lots badly. It takes an age for the GPS to work – upwards of 3 mins to get a lock, whilst my cheapo external Bluetooth GPS takes about 10 seconds. The camera takes a good 10 seconds to start – 5 seconds after pressing the shutter button to actually taking the picture then about another 8 seconds before it shoes you the (average – or missed moment) picture it took for you…

    Now I’ve got a PS3 I’m waiting for the Sony-Ericsson Playstation phone. šŸ™‚

  2. stymaster says:

    You can flash the N95 with generic firmware- a colleague has- and the latest generic Nokia firmware improves it no end.

    John, Orange are as big a shower of bastards as you’ll ever find.

  3. John says:

    MattH: Thanks for the views on the N95, looks like I need to do more research.

    stymaster: Orange were great when they were a British company, funny how they’ve got downhill since being bought out.

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