Malware and my blog » the billblog

Woohoo, famed! (Well my name was mentioned)

Malware and my blog » the billblog

I use RSS Bandit to syndicate news feeds from blogs, security news etc and one of my feeds is The Bill Blog by Bill Thompson. Bill is a Journalist and writes fequently for the BBC. RSS Bandit throws a wobbly at’s bookmark posts and thus won’t display the feed, so yesterday I went to The Bill blog in Internet Explorer to catch up on any new posts. As soon as IE hit the main page, F-Secure warned me about a Exploit.VBS.Phel.dp virus that had just been downloaded. IE asked me if it was ok to run some dodgy Java from yboeragu [dot] com and asked if I wanted to install some Data Access ActiveX control. I said no to the warnings and delete to F-Secure. I dropped Bill and email to tell him about what had happened and he quickly tracked it down to some injected code into a WordPress widget in his site, hopefully he finds and blogs the vulnerability as I’m using the same WordPress 2.3 as he is!

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One Response to Malware and my blog » the billblog

  1. Stu says:

    Ooh… not just mentioned, but THANKED. Can I have your autograph? 🙂

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