Stag do

It’s been a couple of days since my stag do now and I feel recovered enough to write a few words. First off I’d like to thank my best men for arranging a top do – everyone had a great time, even me in a stupid outfit!

Saturday started off to a shaky start; the management at the paint ball place hadn’t bought any replacement gas! For a few minutes I had a nasty feeling that we were going to be denied paintball and all the planning for the morning would be for naught. Fortunately they had enough gas in the guns for the nine of us who were there for the morning and the games were on.

We had several knackering games where we all got bruised to some degree; most of the bruises I received were from the hunt-the-stag games. Luckily, my best men were on my team for hunt-the-stag and one of the best men is a right nutter at paint ball so took out quite a few of the opposition! In this game, you only left when you were out of paint, or you were in too much pain; I think we all gave up after running out of paint, we’re all too mad to give up when we had paint left!

After the paint ball we returned to Colin’s for lunch and to watch the England Australia rugby and play on the Wii! The Wii was great fun, well, the bowling and golf – I couldn’t do the tennis. The rugy was excellent, especially since we won!

Now came the part I didn’t quite enjoy; my best men made me dress up in an outfit they created. See what you think:


All week my fiancé told me to go with the flow and that they’d both put the effort in so I went along, what the hell, I’ll only ever do this once!

We then all headed to the Leicester rugby ground to watch Leicester v Gloucester, well, most of us went to the ground. One of our lot decided to go for a tom tit when the taxis arrived, but hadn’t told anyone and found himself locked in at Colin’s! One quick call to his girlfriend, who told her Steve, who phoned Andy who didn’t have the key, who phoned Colin who did who then turned the taxi around to fetch Ben and all was sorted! This did mean I was stuck at the Rugby ground entrance until Colin returned, so a lot of people got a good luck at me. The rugby was good, even if this was the first time I’ve watched a rugby match live and didn’t understand all the rules!

After the Rugby we went to a nearby pub for a quick pint, or Kwak, before heading off to Pizza express. I must admit I hadn’t been feeling 100% earlier in the day and wasn’t drinking as much as many of my colleagues, I was most disappointed when I found I could only manage 1/2 my pizza!

After food came entertainment, and I found myself being taken to a revue bar. I’d been to two lap dancing clubs in the past, but I was single then. This time though I was about to get married, and my fiancé’s father was with us so I wasn’t too happy having all the scantily clad women walking sitting talking to us at bar. Andy had talked one of the girls and told them it was my stag do, but given my outfit I can’t imagine she’d have though it was anything but a stag do! At first I didn’t want to have a lap dance, but Andy was very insistent and my fiancé had told me to go along with whatever they had planned, so I though what the hell! A while later C’s brother in law and father called it a night, which helped on the feeling-bad-being-in-a-lap-dancing-club-when-I’m-about-to-marry-your-daughter I was having. Several hours, pints and a few dances, we called it a night and went home/hotel/Colin’s.

Back at Colin’s I was to be shown what a white Russian was. Colin nipped off and made 4 white Russian’s, I’ve never had one before and it was very nice, an excellent night cap. After Andy drunk his, he buggered off to the toilet and never returned. Me, Colin and Steve talked for a while before calling it a night ourselves.

The following morning C called to see when I wanted her to pick me up, she also asked me what a Revue bar was…

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One Response to Stag do

  1. Stu says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. Glad you had a good time.

    Nice costume. 🙂

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