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For a while now me and C have used; it’s quite good, for £4.99 we can watch two DVD’s a month. Unlike blockbusters there’s no late fees, once you’re done and you want the next film, you put it back in the post in the pre-paid envelope, easy peasy. It works out cheaper than films on demand and Blockbusters. The only downside I’ve found is that sometimes they appear to send out films that you haven’t marked as high priority (me and C alternate who’s list has high priority to take it in turns watching the films we like – we have different taste’s). Of course I may be being a numpty and setting the lists up wrong, you never know.

If you’re interested, follow the referrer link and take a look here.

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One Response to Share the love

  1. Kika says:

    Phil and me are doing the LoveFilm thing and I think it’s really good. As long as they don’t send me random films, I really don’t mind.
    Top tip: don’t bother with ‘Little Children’. It’s a weired film, even if you do get to see Kate Winslet in the buff.

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