Suit fitting and Hen do

Last Sat me, my Dad and my best men were in Leicester for our final suit fitting. I was quite surprised at how quick the whole event went; each of us only needed 10 minutes or so to be measured up! One of my best men was on a parking time limit so had to head back to the car, the other had used the bus so the four of us headed for a Starbucks. I offered to pay, at which point my diabetic Dad decided we should all have cake! (His blood sugar was up at 14.something that night, I’m not surprised!). After coffee we did a bit of shopping and got sorted with the cuff-links, thanks Dad!

While we were in Leicester, C was on her hen do with her sister and six or so friends. The plan was I’d pick them up from C’s mum’s at 11pm. Me and Dad were waiting up watching TV until 11:15 when I decided to ring C’s mum to see where they were and was told they’d only just been picked up from Nottingham. I finally got the call from C to pick her up at 12:45! By the time I got back with C and her friends it was 1:30. Needless to say I was very tired on Sunday.

Next weekend: Stag do!

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