Pond project

This weekend I had my Dad down at C’s request to help with out pond project.

Sat morning was spend digging in very clay soil making a hole for the pond tray, believe me, it took all morning!

Sat afternoon we fitted the pond tray into the hole and back filled the gaps. We filled the pond with water so that it would deform when we were back filling. We then concreted some stones around the top of the pond. Later I’ll use smooth concrete to fill in the gaps between the stones and put top soil around the pond’s stone edging to neaten it up.

On Sunday we went to the garden centre to get a fountain/waterfall pump, pond weed and fish. C did the release:





Two are out!



New surroundings!

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2 Responses to Pond project

  1. Stu says:

    How long before the cat falls in, after the fish? 😉

  2. John says:

    She’s not fallen in yet 🙂 We did introduce the cat to the fish and once she’d spotted them she did dap her paw into the water twice; each time she confirmed it was wet, which she doesn’t like, so for now the fish look safe.

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