Vegetable patch is coming along

A few months ago me and C built and planted a Vegetable garden. It’s looking pretty good so far and we should soon be able to harvest some of veg!


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5 Responses to Vegetable patch is coming along

  1. Stu says:

    Cool… what have you got there? Runner beans, peas (or are they broad beans, the pods look nice and fat?), onions? What are the greyish leaves on the left – Caulis? Not sure I recognise the far right stuff either.

  2. Stu says:

    Oh yeah… and now you’re using wordpress, I _strongly_ recommend running Spam Karma 2… deals with all my spam almost completely transparently.

  3. John says:

    I’ll look into Spam Karma 2, thanks.

    Left to right. Cauliflower, Leaks, Carrots (can’t really see those from photo), Broad Beans, runner beans (at the back) and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten.

  4. Aoj says:

    Very nice! We have Dwarf French Beans and tomatoes. At least, we did have tomatoes but unfortunately they have succumbed to Tomato Blight 😦

    Am going to try some Winter Spinach in their place.

  5. stymaster says:

    Another vote for Spam Karma. It rocks. I get no comment spam at all now.

    You have something in common with The Bumpkin Boy, he has a vegetable patch in his small holding. No, not that one. His garden.

    Our garden however, is just designed to be a nice place to sit and get drunk, without too much maintenance. About the closest we get is a few chilli & garlic plants in pots.

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