Baywatch campaign

This week is Baywatch Campaign week, not ogling at bikini clad women, but checking how naff supermarkets are at policing disabled bays.

For those not in the know, disabled bays are there for people who have blue badges; the blue badge means that the holder has or at times has reduced mobility, which is why the bays are nearer the entrances to the supermarkets and why the bays are larger.

They’re not their for:

  • BMW drivers parking there so that they don’t get their car banged
  • Van drivers that are too crap at parking to park in regular bays
  • People shopping and using their mother/Gran/relative’s badge even though they’ve been left at home.

Baywatch is a survey of your local “big four” supermarket to record just how poor they are at policing their bays.

Not part of the report, but what really makes me laugh, is the number of people who park in the disabled bays of the gym I’m a member of. The gym itself has a small car park and is always full, but just opposite the entrance is a massive car park for use with the cinema, bowling, food places etc yet when the car park is full, people park in the disabled bays. So not only are these people too ignorant to leave the spaces for those who need them, they’re too bloody lazy to park an extra 20 feet away and walk a little further to the gym. They’re off to the gym to exercise but can’t be ar*ed to park a little further!

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