Wacky dream #2

At some point between 4am when the milk man woke me up and 6 am when the alarm woke me up, I had another weird dream:

I was back in Tenby with C, my sister and Nephew with my Canon 400D. I had been on the beach all day taking photo’s with the family. As we were near the Sea, the camera had got a little moisture on it, and C decided that the best way to dry the camera was to put it in a box and cover it in dry sand. I’m guessing the rational was the sand would absorb the moisture. The plan in my dream may have worked had their not been water already in the box; adding the sand caused the level of water to rise and seep into the camera and damage the lens.

On the way to work I kind of worked out why I dreamed this.

1) Last night at the Amber rooms, C told my friends that she had sabotaged my XBox by spilling water on it.
2) C reminded my that when I bought her her engagement ring, she had bought me the camera.

1 + 2 makes water damaged camera, and the reason for the dream: It’s only 4 months till we’re married! Maybe my subconscious is saying I still have time 🙂

The second part of the dream involved chasing after my Nephew who had gone into my Aunty’s house and fallen asleep in the cat basket. That part of the dream was just plain odd.

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