Home seller packs to be delayed. Part 2

It appears home information packs are to be phased in from the 1st of August. More details on the official site here.

From a quick read you can do your own HIP pack, although the energy performance certificate can only be done by a qualified person, the searches can be done by oneself. Another bit of info that I liked was the fact that you can refuse to provide a HIP to a buyer in a few circumstances: You don’t believe they’re in a position to buy, i.e. they haven’t got a mortgage offer on paper yet. So that’s good, you don’t have to waste money with people just nosey about your house. Also, which is good, you can charge a buyer the cost of copying and postage, should the buyer request a pack. If you’re allowed to send electronic copies of the pack, then you should be able to email PDF/JPG copies for free. You can’t charge for the pack itself – that cost is a burden for the seller, but then again the seller is just going to factor the cost of the pack into the selling price!
Since me and C are unlikely to move for a while, at the moment I’m just keeping my ear to the floor about these packs as they will affect us both in the future. If you’re selling now, good luck!

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