Wacky dream

I don’t usually remember dreams and I don’t normally sleep up to the alarm going off. This morning though I was fast asleep dreaming when the alarm woke me up so this time I remembered what I was dreaming. It was quite strange:

I was at home, although the house wasn’t like any place I’ve lived in. I don’t remember the conversations I was having but I do remember looking out of the window over a meadow and seeing a baby rabbit. Nice. A few seconds after seeing the rabbit, a blue monster leapt onto the rabbit and began eating it! I wasn’t too happy about this so I went to the door, and although it was a door to the outside, was an internal door with no lock. Because I didn’t want the monster to see me, I just used some anti-perspirant spray and sprayed thought the gap between the door and the frame to scare the monster. The monster stopped attacking the rabbit and turned its attention to the door. Now this monster was big, it could have easily opened the door, but because I was holding the handle it couldn’t get in. I could see the outline of its face through the door though as it was trying to push it open. Now I didn’t think wood would meld to the object applying pressure to it, but I’m dreaming, things that don’t make sense happen. At this point the alarm went off and woke me up; so I didn’t get to see if the monster broke into the house or not, which is probably a good thing. During this I must have been growling as as soon as I woke up, C asked if I’d farted, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t. Then again, it was a scary dream, so it could have been a precursor to something else 🙂 Again I’m glad the alarm woke me up!

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