"Global Warming Swindle"

A few nights ago I watched 4oD’s “Global Warming Swindle” on Virgin Media’s on-demand. A few people at work had talked about it and I wanted to see it for myself.

The argument that came through is that a lot of the science used to argue human activity is causing global warming is false or wrongly interpreted results. The main one being that CO2 is the main driving force for global warming, which the program said is false.

A few points raised were:

CO2 is a result of increased global temperature, not the cause.

More CO2 is produced by volcanoes.

Biological functions (it didn’t mention flatulent cows, but I have heard cows mentioned as a source of global warming in the past).

More CO2 is produced by rotting vegetation. This one I didn’t agree with; plants grow and convert CO2 into Carbon (Their cells etc?) and oxygen, so when they rot, the carbon they absorbed re-combines with Oxygen forming CO2, so surely rotting veg is “Carbon neutral”?

The biggest emitter of CO2 was the oceans; oceans store CO2, when they heat up they release CO2 and when they cool they absorb CO2. The program used this to explain the 800 year gap between temperature and CO2. As the planet heated up the oceans slowly heat up and slowly release CO2.

Many of the points this programme showed made me question the whole global warming debate, but as many programmes have a one sided view I would have to read more about both sides of the argument before making my own conclusion. One thing I do believe though is we do need to reduce pollution from our vehicles and industry. Even if they don’t contribute to global warming, people and the local environment would be a lot healthier; I haven’t got a volcano on my doorstep, but I do drive 30 miles to work every day! Less pollution would probably be better for my lungs! I’ll still try to be more economical with energy, energy saver bulbs and more energy efficient goods means lower energy bills. Saving money can’t be bad!

Digitalspy article on the programme

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