Virgin media v Sky

As anyone who watches Sky One will know, by Thu morning it is very likely that Virgin Media (formally NTL) customers will lose Sky One, Sky Two and several other Sky channels. This is due to Sky wanting more money for providing the channels to Virgin Media. Sky is arguing that they are investing more money into the programs that they provide and that Virgin Media has also increased the prices to some of it’s customers and hence Sky want’s more money. Virgin media has said that Sky wants up to double what it currently charged for the channels, and not surprisingly Virgin Media told Sky to sod off*

I’m a little disappointed about this. Even though I rarely get to watch anything on Sky due to my girlfriend, when I do get to watch anything I get to tune into Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis and a bunch of other programs that I can only watch on Sky.

Will I be switching to Sky? Don’t think so; I’m not too happy with their adverts. Let’s see if Virgin media can produce or provide some decent programs. At the moment Sky is only decent on Wed night with the new Battlestar Galactica, Startgate etc. The rest of the time, especially at weekends, all they show is The Simpsons!

*Not a direct quote.

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