Internet usage

After an incident at work where a colleague was using the internet illegally (I'll not go into details). We have since had an email from HR that goes something like the following:

As part of the system, we are able to monitor all IT activity (internet, email, messenger etc) including the amount of time spent on the internet, websites visited and we are able to block more websites.

I was interested in the part that says messenger. I had originally though that the content of such messages could not be read, I was wrong:

I downloaded and installed Wireshark to test what exactly could be seen.

I ran up Wireshark and then sent a test message to another colleague “packet test ;-)” MSN changed this to “packet test ;)” though!

I received the reply “packet test 😉 (ack)”, aren't geeky jokes fun! 🙂 (If you're a geek – yes, if not you won't understand the reply)

I then stopped capturing packets and took a look at what I'd caught. I did a find packet with the text “packet test” and sure enough, there was a packet that contained the text – so indeed what hr was saying was true!

Good job I don't say anything nasty in my messages then!

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