public, protected, private

In the first company I worked at I came across a bug that took me a while to figure out. At first I break-pointed the code where a value was changed, but that break-point was never hit. I then looked at the class to understand what was going on, after a while it dawned on me. This is what the class basically did:

class CObj
int iSomeNumber;
int& GetSomeNumber()
return iSomeNumber;
void SetSomeNumber(int iNewVal)
iSOmeNumber = iNewVal;

Now in code I finally found the problem:

obj.GetSomeNumber() = 42;

The code had been written by the team leader, and he wouldn't give me a good reason why iSomeNumber was protected but then he'd written a method that returned a non-const reference to it! It goes to show that senior and/or team leaders are not necessarily any better at coding than graduate engineers!

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