Samsung D830

Every year I get myself a new mobile phone. Last year I signed up with 3 with a Nokia 6680. Not only was this my first “smart phone” but also the first phone I’ve had on a 3G network. My impressions of the phone were:

– Slow: It takes ages to start the phone or navigate the menus.

– Flaky: I have to reboot the phone every few days as there’s something on the phone that doesn’t release memory – and usualy the first time you know this is when you take a picture. To make it worse the phone doesn’t tell you there’s a problem when you open the slide to take a picture, it only tells you there’s not enough memory when you press capture!

– Bulky: It’s quite heavy and fairly thick. It’s not a phone that fits easily into my pocket.

So far my thoughts on the Samsung:

-Quick: Moving from a smartphone to a “regular” phone has reminded me how fast the menu systems can be; I liked my 8310 but it was a little basic.

-Fidly: It’s going to take me a while to get used to the menus on the Samsung, and texting is different, the space is on the # key instead of the 0!

-Too many steps: When I write a text message, why do I have to tick the box next the person I want to send a message to, then hit select, then hit send. ? Once I’ve written the message and selected the person I want to send it to – send the bloody thing! The last step is superfluous!

-Thin: Very pocket friendly!

-Light: Being thin and not having the features of the 6680 means it’s a lot lighter than the Nokia.

To get the best deal I signed up for an 18month contract. I may be regretting this in a year!

Time will tell.

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