Who are the people behind 08000 724256? I hate those b*s*rds. They phone, let your mobile ring for a split second and then hang up. When you call them back there’s a message saying “Thanks for calling. You must have missed us when you called. If you want to leave a message for us to call you press 1 otherwise hang up”

Hmmm. I do want to leave a message, but it won’t be polite!

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2 Responses to 08000724256

  1. DarthMul says:

    Im unsure if this number is one but there is a scam where they do exactly that. Its an automated machine that gives millions of numbers missed calls then when you ring back its a premium rate nuumber, usualy it answers and plays you a recording of the dial tone so you think no one has answered yet…so if your paying the bill id advise not to call it back.

  2. John says:

    I wasn’t sure if they’d charge if I phoned, so I used my old work phone 😉

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